Trump desperate to reopen economy by May as he weighs 'toughest' decision of his presidency 1

Trump desperate to reopen economy by May as he weighs ‘toughest’ decision of his presidency


Washington: According to a number of people familiar with the matter, President Donald Trump hopes that the Easter timetable has passed and that it now looks much stronger than the determination to start the economy early next month with the “Big Bang” manufacturing process , to open.

Now that the US is the world leader in COVID-19 cases and death toll, assistants warn the president not to cancel the national social evacuation guidelines that are currently premature on April 30. These people said the end of the month.

“I think we are all expecting or planning for May 1,” said a senior administration official, cautioning that major new outbreaks in cities could change the thinking and that no final determination has been made.

Despite the President’s determination, this is not fully controlled by him. The decision can be made by national and local officials, and the public will decide when they are confident to return to work.

“Reopening is both an economic and a public health question,” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Saturday, “and I’m unwilling to divorce the two. You can’t ask the people of this state or this country to choose between lives lost and dollars gained.”

Last weekend, the president said he will consider multiple factors to arrive at the government’s “most difficult” decision yet. Trump said he consulted his senior health workers, business leaders, and others he called “ smart people ” in recent days. He said the final call will be “based on many facts and intuitions,” Trump said in a telephone interview with Fox News on Saturday that he will “come to a decision soon.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said the government envisions what he calls “rolling re-entry.”

“It is not going to be a light switch” for the nation as a whole once restrictions are eased. “Not one size fits all,” he emphasized Sunday on CNN.

Stephen Hahn, commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, wouldn’t endorse a specific date for the end of the countrywide guidelines, saying on NBC News’ “Meet the Press”: “I think we’re looking at all these targets. If it can be May 1, that would be great for the American people.”

Trump eager to restart economy by May as he weighs 'toughest ...

According to senior executives, it may be recommended to reopen certain industries while others remain closed. One of the industries will use more economic methods as “dimmers” than on-off switches.

Officials are investigating different ways to determine which parts of the country can be opened first and how to determine the risks of emerging clusters, especially without extensive testing of the virus itself or its antibodies.

But Trump seems to have mentioned in the telegram that he would like to restart most of the United States on Sunday by encouraging governors to improve their testing capabilities and “be prepared, big events are happening. No excuses!”

Trump has said he hopes to reopen the country through the “Big Bang”.

A former official with close ties to the President suggested that the waving voters make decisions based on one question: “How do you like the situation? “If voters feel that things are going in the right direction, they will keep in touch with the President. If you and your family don’t feel that way, you won’t either. ‘

The former official explained Trump’s current briefing, which is in the briefing almost every day, saying, “It’s about people thinking that the government is in control, is planned, and everything is going to go up.”

While eight months remain before the election, the former official said Trump hopes to begin recovery as soon as possible, partly because he hopes voters can settle in quickly and support them. The official said, “For those voters, you need that kind of intuition.” “People make a decision in late August and early September.”

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