Trump blames China for working against his re-election bid

Trump blames China for working against his re-election bid


Washington: US President Donald Trump said he believes that China ’s handling of coronavirus proves that Beijing “will do everything it can” to make him lose his re-election in November.

In an interview with Reuters in the Oval Office, Trump had a tough conversation with China and said he was looking for different options regarding the consequences of Beijing on the virus. He said: “I can do many things.”

According to Reuters statistics, Trump has been accusing China of causing a global pandemic that has killed at least 60,000 people in the United States and plunged the US economy into a severe recession, jeopardizing his hope for another four-year term .

The Republican president is often accused of not taking enough action to prepare the United States to spread the virus. He said he believes that China should be more active in letting the world know about coronaviruses earlier.

Asked whether he was considering the use of tariffs or even debt write-offs for China, Trump would not offer specifics. “There are many things I can do,” he said. “We’re looking for what happened.”

“China will do anything they can to have me lose this race,” said Trump. He said he believes Beijing wants his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, to win the race to ease the pressure Trump has placed on China over trade and other issues.

“They’re constantly using public relations to try to make it like they’re innocent parties,” he said of Chinese officials.

He said that the trade agreement he reached with Chinese President Xi Jinping aimed at reducing the long-term US trade deficit with China was “seriously frustrated” by the economic impact of the virus.

A senior Trump administration official, who asked not to be named, said on Wednesday that the informal “truce” in a speech battle that Trump and Xi Jinping basically agreed on in a conference call in late March now seems to be over.

The leaders of the two countries have promised that the two governments will do their utmost to cooperate to contain the coronavirus. In recent days, Washington and Beijing have increasingly condemned the origin and response of the virus.

However, Trump and his top aides, while stepping up their anti-China rhetoric, have stopped short of directly criticizing Xi, who the US president has repeatedly called his “friend.”

Trump also said that South Korea has agreed to pay the United States more defense cooperation agreement funds, but will not disclose the specific amount.

“We can make a deal. They want to make a deal,” Trump said. “They’ve agreed to pay a lot of money. They’re paying a lot more money than they did when I got here” in January 2017.

The United States has about 28,500 soldiers stationed in South Korea. This is the legacy of the Korean War of 1950-53. It ended with a truce instead of a peace treaty.

Trump is diversionary efforts to try to maintain the stability of the US economy through stimulus payments to individuals and companies, while also encouraging the governor to carefully reopen his state when new infections are reduced.

Compared to today, when millions of people are unemployed and gross domestic product (GDP) is faltering, Trump has expressed concern about the strong economy he enjoys.

“We were rocking before this happened. We had the greatest economy in history,” he said.

He said he was satisfied with the way many governors operated under the pressure of this virus, but he said some needed improvement. He will not give a name.

Trump’s handling of this virus is subject to rigorous scrutiny. According to a poll conducted by Reuters / Ipsos from April 27 to 28, 43% of Americans approved Trump’s treatment of coronavirus.

However, there is some good news for coronaviruses, because Gilead Sciences Inc. says its experimental antiviral drug, ramcivir, has shown progress in treating virus victims.

Trump also seeks to accelerate the timetable for vaccine development.

“I think things are moving along very nicely,” he said.

At the end of the half-hour interview, Trump offered lighthearted remarks about a newly released Navy video purportedly showing an unidentified flying object.

“I just wonder if it’s real,” he said. “That’s a hell of a video.”

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