Trump and Biden to do battle in final debate

Trump and Biden to do battle in final debate


NASHVILLE : On Thursday, President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden decisive battle, with less than two weeks left in this fierce White House battle, it is expected to become A daunting final debate.

The last TV showdown between the two turned into an ugly confrontation, disturbing each other, making a name, and prompting the organizers to introduce microphone mute this time to keep things civilized.

The debate in the southern city of Nashville fired the starting gun for the final sprint in the election held on November 3 in the United States. This is a polarized and tense United States, fearing that the election results will trigger court battles and more protests.

Trump has stepped up his attack on Biden, and national opinion polls have shown that Biden is in the lead in this game because of his efforts to maintain his position in the White House after four years of turmoil.

In order to reduce the interruption of the last debate, the candidates must answer the host’s questions within two minutes, and only their microphones can play.

“I think the mute is very unfair and I think it’s very bad,” Trump said this week, branding debate moderator Kristen Welker a “radical Democrat.”

Biden, 77, had no public events on his schedule on Wednesday for the third day in a row, as the 74-year-old Trump has been hitting multiple rallies per day.

Barack Obama urged the Democrats not to feel complacent about Biden’s leadership in the polls when he was running for his former vice president on Wednesday.

When the investigation revealed that Hillary Clinton was clearly his favorite, he issued a strong reminder-only to make her and her supporters shocked by Trump’s victory on election day.

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