Threatened to accept immediate polls or face martial law: Bilawal

Threatened to accept immediate polls or face martial law: Bilawal


ISLAMABAD: Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Thursday claimed that the night before the no-confidence motion, a minister in the PTI government threatened him with immediate elections or the country would face Martial law.

Speaking at the National Assembly session, Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto said it was the party’s policy to hold elections after electoral reforms as the PPP is not an undemocratic party that opposes polls.

Bilawal said former political opponents had come together to protect national interests, and representatives from all four provinces had joined hands to improve the country.

The House of Representatives must set up a parliamentary committee to investigate events like April 3,” Bilawal said.

The minister further said that country’s institutions were made controversial for just one man and due to selected prime minister Pakistan suffered and he did nothing in last four years that could be remembered.

Berating Khan, he said the former prime minister should be asked about his performance during his tenure, he should be questioned about the economy, and how his “ego” damaged Pakistan internationally.

“The former prime minister thinks he is a ‘sacred cow’ as he is currently speaking against the constitution, national security, and economic stability,” the foreign minister said.

Wherever we see, there is a crisis and the situation in Pakistan is at a crisis point,” Bilawal said.

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