Technical error of Usman Buzdar's resignation raises new constitutional crisis

Technical error of Usman Buzdar’s resignation raises new constitutional crisis


ISLAMABAD: The battle for political power in Punjab has taken another turn as a technical error in the resignation of Usman Buzdar sparked a new constitutional crisis. On Tuesday, Punjab Attorney General Ahmed Awais submitted a legal opinion to Punjab Governor Omar Savraz Chema.

According to a legal opinion issued by AG Punjab to the governor of Punjab, Usman Buzdal’s resignation in the name of Prime Minister violated Article 130, Section VIII of the Constitution, adding that the resignation does not meet the constitutional requirements. Article 130, paragraph 8.

It said CM Punjab Usman Buzdar wrote his resignation in the name of the Prime Minister and not the Governor.

The legal opinion further reflects that the chief minister must submit his resignation in writing to the governor, while Usman Buzdal resigned to the prime minister who has no power to accept it as all these powers constitutionally belong to the governor of Punjab.

Notably, Usman Buzdar resigned as CM Punjab on March 28.

With the matter in mind, the Governor called a meeting of constitutional experts following the legal opinion of the Punjab Attorney General.

Questions are now being raised, is Usman Buzdal still chief minister if his resignation is not constitutional?

The governor has decided to seek advice from constitutional experts. If the resignation is unconstitutional, then the election process for the chief minister should also be commented on.

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