Taika Waititi brings Thor and Iron Man back to MCU with 'leaked' script 1

Taika Waititi brings Thor and Iron Man back to MCU with ‘leaked’ script


After the fans followed the Avengers (Endgame) event, they experienced an exciting roller coaster journey: after ending our favorite superhero Iron Man, enthusiastic fans have been waiting for some miracles, These miracles can bring him back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

And now the director of the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder, Taika Waititi has left fans in a frenzy after he shared a glimpse of the film’s script during one of his recent Instagram Live sessions.

The script shows a dialogue between Iron Man (aka Tony Stark) and Thor, which clearly stirred up the commotion of the casual surprise fans who seem to be talking about their favorite Avengers on the moon May be resurrected from the dead.

However, after reading the script, Waititi is likely to have been playing with our emotions.

Take a look at the conversation between Iron Man and Thor featured in the script:

Thor: Tony?!

Tony: Wazzuuuuurrp!

Thor: You’re back!

Tony: In the sack, baby!

Thor: But how? I saw you die.

Tony: Science. Also, Thanos is back.

Thor: [expletive], no. So… we’re assembling again?

Tony: Again, again. It’s GO TIME. Everyone who died is coming back. And this time we’re avenging even more than ever. From now on we’ll be known as… The Avengerers.

Apart from that, he also gave away some other details from the upcoming film that had us in fits of laughter, separately in another watch party: “It’s like 10-year-olds told us what should be in a movie and we said yes to every single thing.”

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