SSGC announces new CNG closure schedule for Sindh

SSGC announces new CNG closure schedule for Sindh


Karachi: The compressed natural gas (CNG) stations across the Sindh province would remain closed for two more days across Sindh due to the suspension of supplies.

Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) has announced that in Sindh province, including Karachi, compressed natural gas will be shut down for 48 hours. The gas station will not resume service from 8:00 am Saturday to 8:00 am Monday.

An SSGC spokesperson said the decision was made due to a shortage of natural gas in the system, adding that they are having problems meeting the natural gas needs of household consumers.

CNG stations closure directives would not be applying over the RLNG stations, as informed by SSGC. The SSGC had earlier announced 24 hours closure of SinCNG stations.

Natural gas supplies resumed early Wednesday

It’s worth noting that earlier this week SSGC warned of a serious natural gas crisis in the coming winter.

“Karachi and other parts of the province could possibly face a shortfall of 300mmcfd in winter,” the gas utility had said in a statement.

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