Sri Lanka’s Shehan Madushanka arrested for drug possession

Sri Lanka’s Shehan Madushanka arrested for drug possession


Officials said Monday that Sri Lankan police detained international cricketer Shane Madusanka for possession of heroin.

The 25-year-old Madushanka staged a hat trick in an international competition in 2018 and was remanded by a magistrate for two weeks.

A policeman said that when he was detained in Panara town on Sunday, he carried only two grams of heroin.

Police said that during the nationwide corona virus curfew, Macushanka was stopped while driving with another person.

The right-handed pitcher made a hat-trick against Bangladesh in a one-day international competition in January 2018. He also played two T20 matches against Bangladesh in 2018, but did not participate in international matches due to injuries.

Sri Lanka will ease the curfew from Tuesday, but police have arrested nearly 65,000 people for violating the restrictions imposed on March 20.

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