Spain death toll hits 4,858 as 769 die in 24 hours 1

Spain death toll hits 4,858 as 769 die in 24 hours


Madrid: The Spanish government says that after 769 deaths within 24 hours, the Spanish death toll rose by more than 4,800 on Friday, a record number of deaths in the country per day.

Spain is the second after Italy in terms of deaths, the second highest in the world, with 4,858 deaths so far, and the number that has risen to 64,059.

While the numbers show an increase of nearly 8,000 new infections per day, the number of infections is increasing as Spain takes action to significantly increase the detection rate and order millions of new kits from all over the world.

Despite the increase, the number of new infections seems to be slowing down, up 14% from 18% on Thursday.

Still, the death toll within 24 hours is still much higher than in Italy, where 662 people died in the last update on Thursday night.

To date, 8,165 people have died from the epidemic in Italy, of which 80,539 are infected.

Until Thursday evening, Italy had the highest number of reports, and until surpassed by the United States, 85,991 people in the United States were positive for the virus.

Spain has imposed a strict blockade across the country on March 14 and will not be lifted until April 11. The most recent data makes people hope that measures to curtail the virus will take effect.

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