Sindh not to lift ban on public transport

Sindh not to lift ban on public transport


Karachi: Sindh Transport Minister Syed Awais Shah ruled out the possibility of restoring public transport in the province and stated that as the country ’s prime minister, we respect Imran Khan ( Imran Khan), but the number of coronaviruses in Karachi and other cities in the province has increased dramatically. In this case, lifting the ban is definitely a wrong decision.

In response to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s address, provincial minister Syed Awais Shah said that SOPs were violated by both traders and customers when the lockdown was relaxed earlier this week. He asked PM Imran if he wants Pakistan to turn into Italy or Wuhan with such steps.

He further criticized Imran Khan’s advice about resumption of public transport and said that PM should consult some experts for such suggestions and decisions on the matter of Covid-19. The PM himself has admitted that the SOPs are being ignored while the lockdown is relaxed, he added.

He urged Prime Minister Imran to work with the provinces to work together and said: “It is time to save people’s lives instead of politics.

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