Federal Cabinet approves Finance (Supplementary) Bill 2021

Sialkot lynching incident: Federal cabinet demands enforcement of strict law against culprits


Islamabad: The federal cabinet of Pakistan in a meeting under presidency of Prime Minster (PM) Imran Khan on Tuesday demanded enforcement of strict law against culprits of Sialkot lynching incident.

According to the detailed introduction, the Prime Minister and the Federal Cabinet held a meeting during which they briefly introduced the current situation of the Sialkot lynching case; at the same time, they also discussed the domestic peace and security situation.

It is pertinent to mention here that during meeting, the agenda based on 17-written conditions and the terms of Afghan native’s land, air travelling were discussed. Moreover, the meeting was attended by CEOs of GEPCO and TESCO whereas the approval of petrol dealers  margin was also approved by the cabinet.  

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