Sheikh Rashid sees economy and state in turmoil

Sheikh Rashid predicts new promotions, appointments & demotions in August


RAWALPINDI: Awami Muslim League (AML) Chief Sheikh Rashid Ahmed on Monday predicted that August will be the month of promotions, appointments and demotions. He said that minus and plus are to be decided by the High Court and the Supreme Court, and not by the earthly gods.

In a statement on Twitter, the former federal interior minister said the ruling coalition had made amendments to the NAB laws based on their case. He said how Imran Khan would accept elections when the current Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) is not trusted.

The anti-money laundering chief went on to say that those badly affected by corruption will be held accountable for the big fish.

Referring to social inequality Rashid said that the poor are jailed over crimes whereas the elite are accorded five-star hotel treatment.

Talking about the political instability in the country he said Centre and provinces are engaged in confrontation while political parties are also at odds with one another.

Sheikh Rashid called the uncertain political and economic situation a threat to the country and announced a major press conference on August 12.

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