IHC directs police to return Sheikh Rashid's seized vehicles

Sheikh Rashid expects Imran to appear before LHC today


Lahore: People’s Muslim League (PAML) Chairman Sheikh Rashid Ahmad said on Monday that he expects Pakistan Justice Instigation (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan to appear before the Lahore High Court (LHC) , was granted protective bail outside the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) office in a case against which he lodged a protest.

The LHC had earlier dealt with Mr Khan’s plea to seek protective bail after failing to appear in court, citing an injury to his leg because his doctor had banned him from traveling. Amid rumors of his arrest, the former prime minister decided to appear in court later.

Mr Ahmed tweeted that the world was watching the dilapidated state of the country’s economy as the rich were subsidized and the poor were strangled. He added: “Terrorism is spiraling out of control and further delays [in the response] could worsen the situation.” He further wrote that only the judiciary is powerful enough to steer the country out of crisis.

He went on to say that when the European Communist Party refuses to consult President Dr Arif Alvi on election dates, it must be taken into account that a constitutional crisis has already begun. “We want the president to set an election date within three days,” he added.

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