CCOE to discuss gas load management plan in meeting today

Schedule prepared as domestic consumers to get gas three times a day


Lahore: The Ministry of Petroleum and Sui North Gas Pte Ltd (SNGPL) have formulated a new timetable for the supply of natural gas in the winter, as domestic consumers will be able to obtain natural gas for a few hours a day.

According to sources, the Ministry of Petroleum has established a timetable for long-term load shedding of approximately 13 hours in one day in winter.

According to sources, according to the plan, users can use gas from 5.30am-8:30am in the morning, 11:30am-2pm during lunch time, and domestic users can use their gas stove from 4pm to 10pm at night. The new gas supply schedule will be implemented from December to February.

Nauman Kabir, chairman of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry, rejected SNGPL’s natural gas load reduction plan, calling it an injustice to the people in winter.

He asked the government to let those responsible for the gas shortage take responsibility instead of punishing the masses. Kabir asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to pay attention to this matter.

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