SC grants four weeks for restructuring of Railways

SC grants four weeks for restructuring of Railways


Islamabad: The Supreme Court of Pakistan, at the request of the Planning Commission, approved a four-week restructuring plan for Pakistan’s railways.

When the Supreme Court heard a lawsuit about the deficit of the Pakistan Railway Company, it required the Sindh Provincial Government and the Railway Company to report on the progress of the Karachi Circular Railway.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan, Gulzar Ahmed, stated that there is no bridge on the Indus River that the country can be proud of. The only beautiful bridge was built during Ayub Khan’s tenure. Youb Bridge. He added that the Karachi-Hyderabad Bridge may collapse at any time, but the bridge built by the British in Kotry is still in good condition.

The chief judge further pointed out that a good bridge should be built for the ML-1 project. For this reason, the Secretary of State Railway Bureau assured the court that the most advanced bridge will be built.

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