SC expresses resentment over commissioner’s report, directs to immediately demolish Nasla Tower


Karachi: Supreme Court (SC) on Wednesday has conducted hearing on a case pertaining to demolish Nasla Tower in Karachi.

During the proceedings, the court expressed dissatisfaction with the report submitted by the Karachi Commissioner and instructed the tower to be razed to the ground immediately and the report was submitted until the afternoon.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Gulzar Ahmed further ordered the submission of a report on Tejori Heights.

On October 25, 2021, SC ordered the demolition of the Nasra Building in Karachi within one week.

During the hearing at Karachi registry, the apex court directed to use latest technology in the process and take all the expenses from the owner of Nasla Tower. Seize the properties of the owner if he refuses to pay the expenses, the court remarked.

The apex court had also turned down the review petitions filed by owners and allottees in Nasla Tower case and directed the commissioner to act on the June 16 order and told that written decision in this regard will soon be issued.

SC had remarked that the building should be demolished, as proved by the record that Nasla Tower was built on the occupied land.

The Supreme Court stated that it had reviewed all relevant agency documents and instructed the commissioner to immediately take over the Nasra Building and not to make concessions to illegal construction.

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