Saeed Ghani says no board exams for matric, intermediate students

Saeed Ghani says no board exams for matric, intermediate students


Karachi: Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani said on Thursday that due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, entrance exams and intermediate student exams will not be held this year.

After the meeting of the Sindh Education Steering Committee, the Minister of Sindh announced this to the outside world.

The provincial education minister said in a statement that students will be promoted without examination.

Ghani said that legislative amendments or amendments will be needed to facilitate students to enter the next class, adding that the decision to pass the students is final.

He added that the decision not to take the exam was made by the Education Steering Committee of the Sindh Provincial Government.

Last week, the government announced the closure of educational institutions until July 15, and at the same time canceled board exams until the end of the year.

Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood said that due to the ongoing crisis, the board examinations for the ninth grade to intermediate (12th grade) will not be held.

He said that students will be promoted on the basis of the last years’ exams, adding that on this basis, students will be admitted to universities over their intermediate first-year results.

Ghani has previously stated that schools in Sindh may not be open for another six months, and new online courses will be launched soon.

He said schools in Sindh will not be reopened on June 1, and the new date will be notified later.

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