Russia registers more than 10,000 new coronavirus cases

Russia registers more than 10,000 new coronavirus cases


Moscow: With the announcement of large-scale antibody testing in Moscow and the relaxation of national confinement measures, Russia registered more than 10,000 new coronavirus infections last Friday.

Health officials have reported 10,598 new infections in the past 24 hours, bringing the country ’s total to 262,843, second only to the United States and ranking second in the world.

Russia stated that part of the reason for its large number of cases is large-scale testing activities, which have been conducted more than 6 million tests.

Moscow accounts for about half of all infections, and the city said it will conduct large-scale voluntary testing of antibodies starting Friday.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced this week that the national blockade aimed at slowing the spread of the virus will be eased, although health officials record a steady increase in new cases.

Despite the large number of cases, compared with countries such as the United States, Britain, Italy and Spain, Russia’s official coronavirus mortality rate is still low.

On Friday the country reported 113 new coronavirus deaths, bringing the total number of deaths in Russia to 2418.

The authorities say this is because Russia is able to learn from the lessons of Western Europe, quickly take action to isolate travelers and people at risk, and has launched large-scale activities to test and isolate infected people.

But critics expressed doubts about the number and accused the authorities of blaming the virus-related deaths for other reasons, thereby underestimating the number.

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