Russia's coronavirus case tally nears the 100,000 milestone

Russia’s coronavirus case tally nears the 100,000 milestone


Moscow: The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases nationwide in Russia registered 5,841 new virus cases on Wednesday, and it was close to 100,000 on Wednesday, and the number of deaths reached a record high every day.

Since Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the closure of most public spaces in late March, Russia has become the world’s largest territory-locked area.

The number of confirmed cases this week exceeded China and Iran. These figures mean that Russia currently ranks eighth globally in the number of confirmed cases, although so far, compared with many of the worst-hit countries, Russia has far fewer deaths.

The National Coronavirus Crisis Response Center said on Wednesday that the total number of cases nationwide is currently 99,399. The report said that in the past 24 hours, 108 people diagnosed with the new coronavirus have died, which is a record daily upward trend. This means that the overall official death toll is currently 972.

Authorities began recording a surge in cases this month.

The Russian Central Bank said that Russia is currently in the fifth week of blockade, coupled with the collapse of oil prices, the Russian economy is in a 4-6% tightening state.

Putin spoke to the United States on TV on Tuesday, saying that the lock-in measures would have to be extended for another two weeks. He warned that the peak of the outbreak is still there.

“The situation is still very difficult,” said Putin. “We are facing a new and perhaps the most intense stage in countering the epidemic.”

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