PKR continues its winning streak against dollar

Rupee strengthens against dollar


ISLAMABAD: The Pakistani rupee appreciated 09 paise against the US dollar at 207.90 rupees in interbank trade on Thursday, after closing at 207.99 rupees the previous day.

According to the Foreign Exchange Association of Pakistan (FAP), the buying and selling rates for the US dollar in the open market are Rs 206 and Rs 209.5 respectively.

Likewise, euro prices fell 1.30 rupees to settle at 212.06 rupees, compared with the previous day’s close of 213.36 rupees.

The yen lost 1 paise to settle at 1.52 rupees, while the British pound lost 79 paise to trade at 248.17 rupees, compared to its last close at 248.96 rupees.

The UAE dirham and Saudi riyal were down 02 paise at 56.60 rupees and 55.38 rupees, respectively.

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