Pakistani rupee continues to recover, closes at 175.92

Rupee falls Rs1.26 against USD


Karachi: The exchange rate of US Dollar strengthen by Rs1.26 in the interbank on Thursday against Pakistani rupee.

The US dollar closed at 174.19 rupees on the fourth working day of the week, compared with the previous closing price of 172.93 rupees.

At the same time, the price of the euro fell by 37 paisa to close at 199.69 rupees, while the last working day transaction price reported by the National Bank of Pakistan was 200.06 rupees.

The yen closed at 1.53 rupees, while the pound exchange rate fell by 1.14 rupees. Compared with the last closing price of 234.15 rupees, the trading price of the pound was 233.01 rupees.

The exchange rates of the UAE Dirham and the Saudi Riyal appreciated by about 34 paisa each, closing at 47.42 rupees and 46.44 rupees respectively.

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