Imran Khan confesses to losing cipher again during hour-long inquiry in Attock Jail

Review policies, there is still time, Imran Khan tells ‘neutrals’


ISLAMABAD: PTI chairman Imran Khan told “neutrals” to review their policies as there is still time to make changes and the decision behind closed doors is not in the country’s interest.

Speaking at a seminar related to freedom of expression, the former prime minister said the agency had imposed these “thieves” on Pakistan.

“How can the establishment let them [the current government] rule the conspiracy we know of a foreign country? It’s because they now have the most power,” the former prime minister said.

He added: “No matter how you [the agency] call yourself neutral, the state will blame you for imposing this government on us.”

The former prime minister said it [the agency] is forcing us to accept these thieves, and for that, they are spreading fear across the country.

“They called our MNA and forced us to accept this government,” he revealed.

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