Asad Umar clarifies statement about PM Imran Khan sending Nawaz Sharif to London

Remaining track of Green Line Project to be completed within one year: Asad Umar


Islamabad: Federal Minister of Planning, Development, Reform and Special Initiatives Assad Omar said on Friday that the remaining track of the Green Line project will be completed within a year.

Asad Umar stated that according to the agreement between the Sindh provincial government and the federal government, the project will cost 35 billion rupees to complete.

The provincial government will determine the price of its tickets, and the Sindh provincial government has asked the federal government to be responsible for its maintenance work for three years.

The minister said that the Sindh provincial government will collect the income for the first three years and transfer it to the federal government in accordance with the agreement. He added that the federal government will provide subsidies to passengers.

He said that the project will bring profits to the country, with fares ranging from 15 rupees to 55 rupees. Assad suggested that the provincial government review the fares every year to make the project a success.

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