Relief package sought for small traders

Relief package sought for small traders


LAKKI MARWAT: The Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl regional branch has asked the government to announce a special relief plan to deal with small industries affected by the blockade.

JUI-F press secretary Shafiullah Qureshi, speaking to reporters here on Saturday, said his party is deeply concerned about the government ’s failure to provide relief to small businesses.

He said that in the month-long blockade imposed by the government to curb the spread of the coronavirus, this has severely hit businessmen, especially small businessmen in backward areas like Raki Malwat.

He insisted: “Traders related to the tailoring, hairdressing, footwear, socks and cosmetics businesses are closed because they have been operating for more than a month, so they cannot balance both ends.” He regrets that the provincial and federal governments have Take any specific steps to provide relief to the store owner who was hit hard.

Mr. Qureshi asked the government to provide financial assistance to small vendors after they registered with the regional administration. He added: “Financial subsidies will allow shop owners to arrange two meals for their families during the lock-in period.”

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