Reasons behind PTI's poor performance in KP LG elections surface

Reasons behind PTI’s poor performance in KP LG elections surface


Islamabad: Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province Mahmoud Khan met with Prime Minister Imran Khan today (Wednesday) and submitted a report listing the ruling Pakistan Justice Movement in the KPK local government Reasons for poor performance in the first stage of the election.

According to sources, rising inflation and local leaders’ differences with one another contributed to PTI’s defeat in the elections. Also in the report, KP Governor Shah Farman, Speaker Asad Qaiser, other MPAs and MNAs were blamed for the party’s loss.

In Peshawar’s Mathra tehsil, fingers were pointed at Noor Alam and MPA Arbab Waseem while differences between Governor Shah Farman and MNA Nasir Musa Zai led to party’s defeat in Badaber tehsil.

Sources told that the report also pointed out names of the party’s parliamentarians and senior leaders who did not extend their support to the candidates.

At the same time, the Prime Minister has issued guidelines to CM Mehmood Khan to formulate a strategy for the second phase of local elections.

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