Common man is helpless, only the elite can live as per their wishes: Sheikh Rashid

Rashid shuns disqualification, imprisonment as threat to Imran’s politics


ISLAMABAD: Threats of disqualification and imprisonment cannot end someone’s politics, Sheikh Rashid, leader of the People’s Muslim League of Pakistan (AMLP), said on Friday in reference to Pakistan Justice Movement (PTI) chairman Imran Khan’s contempt of court case.

Sheikh Rashdi appeared in the case at the Sessions Court in Islamabad for violating Article 144.

Talking to media, the former Interior Minister Rashid said that we have been sent to jail for 7 years but our politics still persists. “This will have no impact if they will send us to jail,” he said.

Rashid claimed that Imran would defeat the current government and form it again.

In attacking JUI-F leader Fazlur Rehman, he said that Fazalur Rehman did not know where the floodwaters had reached, while he added that he was concerned that the entire country might sink in the floodwaters.

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