Putin wants 'immediate' talks with NATO on Russia's security

Putin wants ‘immediate’ talks with NATO on Russia’s security


Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that he hopes to immediately talk about the United States and NATO, because Ukraine Moscow and the nervous situation between the west are soaring.

The United States and its Alliance have been accused of Russia’s plan to invade their neighbors, warn ordinary protests to attack attacks.

Thousands of Russian army stationed near the front of the Ukraine in the former Soviet Union, and the West had accused the Kremlin separation sent from the Kremlin since 2014.

During the call of President Finland – who traditionally serves as the middle ground in Russia and the western part, he hopes to start safety negotiations immediately.

He told President Salie Nnesto believe that Moscow hopes to “immediately launch negotiations with the United States and NATO to develop my country’s security international legal protection,” the Kremlin said in a statement.

Russia s demands, it said, included stopping NATO from expanding east and the deployment of weapons in neighbouring states, including Ukraine.

Putin reiterated the same demands in a phone call with French President Emmanuel Macron later on Tuesday.

In his call with the Finnish president, Putin also accused the Ukrainian leadership of increasingly using “heavy weapons and attack drones” against pro-Russia rebels in its separatist east.

The Russian leader denies planning an invasion, blaming the Western security alliance for the rise in tensions and demanding “legal guarantees” the alliance won t expand eastwards.

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