Punjab virus deaths reach 100, 1,380 patients recover

Punjab virus deaths reach 100, 1,380 patients recover


After Sindh Province, the death toll of COVID-19 in Punjab has also reached 100. Five people died in the province on Wednesday.

The number of known cases has reached 5,827 as 97 new cases were reported over the past 12 hours, said Punjab government spokesperson Musarrat Cheema. There have been 1,380 recoveries in the province.

Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid confirmed on Twitter that more than 75,000 diagnostic tests have been performed. She said that about 4,000 to 5,000 tests will be conducted every day.

Rashid said: “The private sector has been instructed to reduce the cost of diagnostic tests.” “All health professionals have obtained safety equipment on time.”

The minister said the Shaheed package for medical staff in grades 2 to 16 will include 4 million rupees. Officials of grade 17 and above will receive an award of Rs. 8 million.

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