PSX witnesses bearish trend, KSE-100 index drops 1042.64 points


Islamabad: On Monday, the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) showed a bearish trend: the KSE 100 index closed at 30,579.15 points, compared to 31,621.79 points on the previous business day, with a negative change of 1042.64 points (3, 30%).

A total of 233,329,238 shares were traded, compared to 251,874,893 shares traded the day before, while the value of the traded shares on the day was 8.711 billion, compared to Rs 92.62 billion the previous trading day.

As many as 339 companies traded on the stock market on Monday, of which 47 made gains and 278 continued losses, while the stock prices of 14 companies remained unchanged.

The three largest companies by volume are: Maple Leaf, with a total share capital of 23,037,500 shares and a price of Rs 22.25 per share; Haskell Gasoline, with a total share capital of Rs 20,174,500 and a price of Rs 13.85 per share The share capital amounts to 17,013,000 at the price per share. The share is Rs 2.75.

Pak Tobacco’s highest rise was 79 rupees per share and closed at 1677 rupees, while Sapphire Fiber finished in second place with an increase of 38.69 rupees per share and closed at 554.69 rupees.

Colgate Palm’s biggest drop was 98.99 rupees per share, closing at 1901 rupees, while the price of sapphire Tex fell by 63.30 rupees to 782 rupees.

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