PSX achieves another milestone, crosses 55,000 barrier in early trade

PSX plunges 1284.38 points to close at 43,266.97 points


ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) KSE 100 index was bearish on Monday, down 1,284.38 points, or 2.88%, to 43,266.97 points, from 44,551.35 points in the previous working day.

A total of 236,881,385 shares were traded on the day compared to the previous day’s volume of 134,798,674 shares at Rs 82.11 crore and Rs 47.36 crore the previous day.

A total of 358 companies traded on the stock market, of which 41 rose, 301 lost money and 16 remained unchanged.

The top three trading houses are Hum Network with 20,073,813 shares traded at Rs 6.79 per share; WorldCall Telecom with 11,545,000 traded at Rs 1.75 per share; Flying Cement (R) with 11,439,500 traded at Rs 1.75 per share A share of 0.48 rupees.

Rafhan Maize topped Rs 99 per share to close at Rs 11,799, while the runner-up was Sapphire Tex, which rose Rs 46.98 to Rs 949.96.

Sapphire Fiber was the biggest loser at Rs 66.75 at Rs 823.25, followed by Premium Tex XD, which fell by Rs 54 to close at Rs 666.

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