PSX gains 541.98 points to close at 45,887.63 points

PSX gains 47.94 points to close at 43,280.77 points


Islamabad: The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) KSE 100 index rose 47.94 points, or 0.11%, to close at 43,80.77 points on Monday, compared with 43.32.83 points on the last working day.

A total of 176,913,333 shares were traded that day, compared with 287,730,808 shares on the previous day’s trading volume, and the stock price was Rs 6,081 crore, compared with Rs 102.78 crore the previous day.

314 companies are trading on the stock market, of which 122 are profitable, 175 continue to lose money, and 17 companies’ share prices have not changed.

The top three trading companies are WorldCall Telecom, with a trading volume of 16,586,500 shares, at a price of 1.96 rupees per share; Telecard Limited XB, with a trading volume of 12,574,500 at a price of 13.91 rupees per share; TRG Pak Ltd, with a trading volume of 11,192,124, per share The price is Rs81.10’s share.

Colgate Palm’s highest increase was 39.99 rupees per share and closed at 2499.99 rupees, while Premier Sugar ranked second, whose share price rose 31.94 rupees to 457.90 rupees.

Nestlé Pakistan had the biggest drop of 124 rupees, closing at 5225.50 rupees, followed by Bhanero Tex, whose share price fell by 85.42 rupees to close at 1053.58 rupees.

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