PSX gains 35.12 points to close at 45,916.25 points

PSX gains 263 points to close at 45,345 points


Islamabad: The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) KSE 100 index reversed its bullish trend on Friday, rising 263.35 points, or 0.58%, to close at 45,345.65 points, compared with 45,082.30 points on the last working day.

A total of 242,263,117 shares were traded that day, compared with 345,295,628 shares in the previous day’s trading volume, and the stock price was 79.33 billion rupees, compared with 132.39 billion rupees the previous day.

354 companies are trading on the stock market, of which 208 are profitable and 124 continue to lose money, while the stock prices of 22 companies have not changed.

The three top trading companies were Telecard Limited with a volume of 26,149,000 shares and price per share of Rs18.43, WorldCall Telecom with a volume of 21,662,500 and price per share of Rs2.28 and TRG Pak Ltd with volume of 18,994,513 and price per share of Rs105.76.

Rafhan Maize witnessed a maximum increase of Rs599 per share, closing at Rs9900 whereas the runner up was Bata (Pak)XD, the share prices of which climbed up by Rs153.70 to Rs2203.70.

Colgate Palm’s biggest decline was 158 rupees to close at 2,282 rupees, followed by Ismail Ind, whose share price fell 33.70 rupees to close at 416.30 rupees.

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