PSX kicks off 2022 with 290-point rally

PSX declines 6.62 points to close at 43,846.87 points


Islamabad: The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) KSE 100 index fell slightly by 6.62 points, or 0.02%, to close at 43,846.87 points, compared with 43,853.49 points on the last working day.

A total of 233,176,182 shares were traded that day, compared with 229,378,386 shares the previous day’s trading volume, and the stock price was 70.05 billion rupees, compared with 83.72 billion rupees the previous day.

As many as 350 companies traded on the stock market, of which 134 were profitable, 196 continued to lose money, and the stock prices of 20 companies remained unchanged.

The top three trading companies are Hascol Petrol with a trading volume of 57,473,762 shares at a price of 6.70 rupees per share; Telecard LimitedXB with a trading volume of 21,823,000 at a price of 15.57 rupees per share; Treet Corporation with a trading volume of 11,110,500 at a price of 41.45 per share rupee.

Mari Petroleum’s highest increase was 47.15 rupees per share to close at 1671.68 rupees, while the runner-up was Blessed Tex, whose stock price rose 30.74 rupees to 450 rupees.

Nestlé Pakistan’s biggest drop was 140 rupees to close at 5250 rupees, followed by Sapphire Tex, whose share price fell 74.90 rupees to close at 925 rupees.

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