President Alvi condemns Dera Ismail Khan bomb blast

President signs PICA Amendment Bill, Election Act Ordinance


ISLAMABAD: Pakistani President Dr Arif Alvi on Sunday signed amendments to the Prevention of Electronic Crime Act (PICA) and the Electoral Law Amendment Act (EAAO).

According to the details, the PECA amendments include a definition of a person, which includes individuals, companies, associations, institutions or authorities, while the amendments would impose prison terms ranging from three to five years for attacking anyone’s identity.

As per the ordinance, the aggrieved party, who will be the representative or guardian of the complainant, has been declared a felony and the offense is non-bailable.

It is pertinent to mention here that the amendment bill states that the trial court will decide the case within six months and will submit the details of the case to the High Court every month.

The ordinance states that federal and provincial governments and officials will be asked to remove obstacles. The Chief Justice of each High Court will nominate a judge and officers for these cases.

According to the EAAO, all members of Parliament, Senate and local government can speak during election campaigns, and any public official and elected representative can visit constituencies.

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