People's rule will be established after winning Feb 8 elections: Bilawal

PPP to hold march on Feb 27, announces Bilawal


KARACHI: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari announced on Wednesday that the march will take place on February 27 and said it was time for the youth leadership to come forward.

Speaking to students in Karachi, Bilawal said our rulers are incompetent. The country is facing an economic crisis due to an elected government. With incompetence, poverty and unemployment reaching extreme levels, foreign policy compromises have been made amid the incompetence of the current government. A new generation is ready to compete with the government. Inflation in the country has risen due to choice. In our parade, there will be a request to revive the student union.

He added that the PPP is a party where the public and politicians work together. This is the thinking of our party. We and those who characterize the PPP will run our own campaign. We want to tell them that Bhutto is still alive in our hearts.

Young people walk around with degrees, they don’t get jobs, and the PPP always comes in and provides jobs, he said. Despite the lack of resources, we have created world-class health institutions. If Allah gives us the opportunity, we will provide free educational facilities such as health. We’re going to create new courses with the youth, and we’re going to play a long game with the youth.

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