PM urges nation to strictly follow SOPs in order to overcome Covid-19

PM urges nation to strictly follow SOPs in order to overcome Covid-19


Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan urged the country to strictly abide by the SOP in order to gradually open more economic sectors from the lock.

He addressed the media after the closing of the National Coordinating Committee meeting in Islamabad today, saying that tourism is one of the areas where restrictions are relaxed.

Imran Khan said that in many parts of Pakistan, tourism has only flourished in a few months of the year. He said that the governments of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Balstan are planning to develop SOPs for opening the department.

He said that unless a vaccine is developed to eliminate it, the coronavirus will continue to exist. He warned that the virus will spread further in the next few days. He said that if people always follow SOP and preventive measures, we can live better.

The Prime Minister said that the services of the Corona Disaster Relief Tigers volunteers will be used to raise public awareness of the epidemic.

Imran Khan assured doctors and medical staff that the government will help them in every possible way in the process of responding to the coronavirus.

The Prime Minister said the government has decided to allow overseas Pakistanis to return to Pakistan and test them for coronavirus. Thereafter, if they test positive, they will be allowed to go home and be quarantined.

He said that the National Command and Operations Center held daily meetings to closely monitor and assess the situation. He said that the minister and the provincial chief secretary attended today’s meeting.

Imran Khan said the situation facing Pakistan is different from the United States, Europe and China. He said that about 50 million Pakistanis live below the poverty line and cannot afford three meals a day.

He said 25 million people bet every day. He said that if the families of these people are included, this number will reach 120 million people who cannot live without a job.

The Prime Minister said the blockade and social isolation slowed the spread of disease. He said that we must also understand the condition of our hospitals because they cannot face the burden of patients.

The Prime Minister said that the blockade has different effects on those living in luxury and those living in slums. Imran Khan said that due to the blockade, vulnerable groups in society faced great difficulties.

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