PM Imran Khan orders probe into social media campaign against institutions: sources

PM urges int’l community to provide humanitarian relief to Afghans


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has urged the international community to provide immediate humanitarian relief to millions of Afghans on the brink of starvation.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said in a tweet today (Saturday) that the international community has a sense of urgency and an obligation under the principles of the responsibility to protect unanimously adopted by the United Nations.

It is worth mentioning that the United Nations said that more than half of Afghanistan’s population currently depends on life-saving aid.

The United Nations’ Secretary-General, António Guterres has warned that the world is “in a race against time to help the Afghan people.”

The UN chief said the scale of the appeal “reflects the scale of the despair.”

“Babies being sold to feed their siblings. Freezing health facilities overflowing with malnourished children. People burning their possessions to keep warm. Livelihoods across the country have been lost.”

Without a more concerted effort from the international community, Mr. Guterres argued, “virtually every man, woman and child in Afghanistan could face acute poverty.”

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