PM Imran Khan convenes cabinet meeting on Jan 18

PM summons cabinet meeting on Dec 14


Islamabad: Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan convened a federal cabinet meeting on December 14.

According to reports, the meeting will discuss a 15-point written agenda, and the cabinet will also approve the establishment of an international route between Pakistan and Tajikistan.

Moreover, during the meeting the cabinet confirm the Skate air line designations between Tajikistan and Pakistan. The permission for Afghanistan natives to travel through international borders will also be discussion. The report of sugar industry reform committee will be presented in the meeting.

In addition, the discussion on provision of visas to Afghan citizens will also take place. The cabinet will approve the international NGOs’ visa policy stream line. It will also ponder over Afghanistan’s developmental relief work mechanism and quad-sharing of Pakistan-Iran air services.

It is pertinent to mention here that the approval on extension of old currency notes and transfer of 33 per cent of Pakistan’s operatorship from China’s company to Petroleum Limited will be pondered over in meeting. The annual report 2019-2020 of OGRA will also be presented before cabinet. In addition, it will also finalize the decision related to institutional development of development, power and energy sector.

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