Imran made cheap statement about Maryam Nawaz: PM Shehbaz

PM Shehbaz Sharif requests KP CM to keep wheat prices same as Punjab


SHANGLA: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Saturday told the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa that if their chief minister does not decrease the prices of wheat then he will sell his clothes and make sure that the price is brought down.

Speaking at a public gathering in Swat Shanla, the prime minister said the wheat will be sold at the same price as the people of Punjab buy it.

“I will request KP CM to reduce the price of wheat. If KP CM does not reduce the price of wheat then I will sell my clothes and reduce the price of wheat,” PM Shehbaz told the crowd. He also added that if the CM agrees to his request then he would thank him.

The Prime Minister has promised the KP people that he will ensure that there are no complaints related to the purchase of wheat in the province.

“I am Shehbaz Sharif I will not lie to you,” He told the crowd, adding that his predecessor, who was sitting on the prime minister’s seat, for four years “only lied” to the people.

“If I make a mistake I will make the people my witness and apologise to them,” said the premier.

Continuing his attack on the PTI, the PM said that he became the head of the government three weeks ago and toured the country. He also asked the PTI-led government in KP how many hospitals and free operations they conducted during their tenure.

“We will provide free medicines all over Pakistan, including KP,” announced PM Shehbaz. He added that the PTI government at the centre in the last four years took a “record” amount of loans yet not even a “single brick” was laid on the new projects that were announced.

“The country’s economy is broken due to the excessive loans. It was the worst government in the last four years,” said the premier. He added that PTI chairman Imran Khan was not talking about the achievements of his government as he had nothing to say.

Talking about the loans, PM Shehbaz asked the crowd to keep a hand on their heart and ask for how long will the country keep on asking for loans.

“Till how long will we keep on begging? Through begging we get death not life,” said the PM.

In his speech, the Prime Minister also announced the completion of construction of a 132kv grid in the region within three months. He also announced the establishment of a medical school for youth in the Upper Latvia and announced an allocation of Rs 2 billion for the development of projects in the region.

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