Council of Common Interests approves 7th Census

PM Imran to preside over federal cabinet meeting today


Islamabad: The Federal Cabinet will meet today (Tuesday) in Islamabad to discuss the country’s economic and political situation and the coronavirus situation.

Prime Minister Imran Khan will chair the Federal Cabinet meeting held in the Prime Minister’s Office. The Cabinet will discuss the 18-point agenda during the meeting.

According to sources, the cabinet will be briefed on the progress of electronic voting machines (EVM) and electronic voting. The Cabinet will approve the appointment of the Board of Directors of the Housing Construction Finance Corporation.

The resignation of the chairman and members of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and the appointment of new SECP members will be approved during the Cabinet meeting.

The cabinet will also discuss the Ministry of Finance’s agenda for the appointment of members of the Board of Directors of the Housing Construction Finance Co., Ltd. (HBFCL).

The Federal Ministry of Education and Professional Training will submit a draft bill for the Inter-Board Coordination Committee for 2021, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs has also proposed the establishment of an investigation committee in the Sajid Majeed Chaudhry case.

In addition, the Cabinet will also correct the decision of the Cabinet Committee to handle legislative cases at its meeting held on December 16-17.

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