Pakistan to provide all out support for Afghanistan to avert humanitarian crisis: PM

PM Imran to inaugurate Green Line Bus service in Karachi today


Karachi: The long awaited dream of citizens of Karachi is over as Prime Minister Imran Khan is scheduled to inaugurate the Green Line Bus service today (Friday).

The Governor of Sindh Province, Dr. Imran Ismail, said in an interview with the Federal Planning and Development Minister Assad Omar in Karachi on Thursday that the PPP government of Sindh has not provided Karachi for the past 13 years. Pass a bus.

Federal Minister of Planning and Development Assad Omar said that today, Prime Minister Imran Khan (Imran Khan) has finalized the green line bus opening arrangements.

He said that the trial operation will start from December 11th to 24th, but the commercial operation will start on December 25th and full operation will start on January 10th.

He said that all the large-scale projects in Karachi promised by Prime Minister Imran Khan are under development and are about to be completed, adding that 40 BRT buses will arrive from China in March to provide convenience to the big city.

He said that the Ministry of Planning has received the revised PC-I of the K-IV project, which will be approved next month and a new contract will be awarded.

“Through K-IV project, we aim to supply 260 million gallons of water to Karachi and by August or September 2023, the project will be completed.” The work on three Mehmoodabad nullah is completed and it will be inaugurated in next few days.

“Fifty percent work on the other two drains, Orangi and Gujjar, has been completed and they will be inaugurated before summer next year.” The work on these drains included removal of encroachments, construction of roads and laying of storm water drains.

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