Council of Common Interests approves 7th Census

PM Imran to chair federal cabinet meeting today


Islamabad: The Federal Cabinet will meet in Islamabad today (Tuesday) to discuss the country’s economic and political situation.

Prime Minister Imran Khan will chair the Federal Cabinet meeting held in the Prime Minister’s Office. The Cabinet will discuss the 15-point agenda during the meeting.

According to sources, the cabinet will approve the establishment of international air routes between Pakistan and Tajikistan. In addition, during the meeting, the Cabinet will confirm the name of the Skate airline between Tajikistan and Pakistan.

Permits for locals in Afghanistan to cross international borders will also be discussed. The report of the Sugar Industry Reform Committee will be submitted to the Cabinet meeting.

In addition, there will be discussions on providing visas to Afghan citizens. The cabinet will approve the visa policy streamline of international non-governmental organizations. It will also consider the four-fold sharing of Afghanistan’s development relief work mechanism and Bahí air service.

It is worth mentioning that the meeting will review and approve the extension of the old banknotes and the transfer of 33% of Pakistan’s operating rights from the Chinese company to the oil company.

The OGRA 2019-2020 annual report will also be submitted to the Cabinet. In addition, it will finalize decisions related to institutional development in the development, power and energy sectors.

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