PM Imran Khan to interact with people today via telephone calls

PM Imran orders strict action against hoarders, profiteers


Islamabad: In order to control the country’s rising inflation, Prime Minister Imran Khan ordered strict actions against strict accumulators and profiteers on Tuesday.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that if the government succeeds in controlling the country’s accumulation, the situation will be greatly improved.

The Tigers were also given the first task of containing and accumulating profits. The pilot project will be launched in Islamabad and will initially monitor about 9,000 stores.

The Tiger Force will work with commissioners and assistant commissioners. Volunteers from Tiger Corps will point out shops that do not display price lists or participate in excessive charges.

If the Tigers are found to be involved, the regional administration will take immediate action to identify the Tigers.

At the last Federal Cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan, ministers called for urgent measures to prevent inflation from rising.

According to sources, the prime minister assured the ministers that emergency measures were taken to reduce inflation and said that the government will soon start implementing the action plan.

All government agencies will be mobilized to provide relief to civilians. Cabinet members said that provincial and regional governments must ensure the availability of goods.

Imran Khan said that now our entire focus will be on controlling inflation. I am monitoring the whole situation myself, let us see what the Mafia is doing now.

During the meeting, Sheikh Rashid informed the cabinet of this concern and said that flour may become more expensive from November to December. He expressed concern and should explain why drugs have become expensive.

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