Imran Khan unequivocally slams Jinnah House vandalism

PM Imran Khan to visit Lahore tomorrow


LAHORE: Amid the tensed political atmosphere, the Prime Minister (PM) of Pakistan Imran Khan Niazi will be visiting Lahore tomorrow.

According to sources, the prime minister is scheduled to visit Lahore tomorrow. He will be accompanied by the Federal Minister. The Prime Minister will meet with the Punjab Governor and Chief Minister (CM).

The source also revealed that the prime minister will meet with members of the national and provincial councils. The Prime Minister will trust party members and party leaders.

Prime Minister Imran Khan will also chair important meetings on political affairs. The political spectrum of Punjab will also be examined.

It should be noted that the PM has met MQM leadership in their headquarters in Karachi today. After addressing on an event at Governor House, he also called on Sindh Advisory Committee and members of National and Provincial Assemblies.

The PTI members of Sindh Assembly assured the PM of their support and said that they will deal with the PTI member who may attempt to deceive him.

Talking about the present political tension the PM explained that he has full confidence and he is not worried at all.

He further said that there is no need to panic as this conspiracy will also be exposed. Imran Khan showcased a very optimistic attitude as he stated that joint-opposition will not be supported even by their own people in no-confidence.

Once everything is over. I will see them, Prime Minister Imran Khan said.

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