Imran engages lawyer to initiate legal action against Patel

PM Imran Khan orders immediate arrest of culprits who raped differently-abled Okara girl


Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday ordered the immediate arrest of culprits involved in raping a differently-abled girl in Okara.

The Prime Minister issued these instructions after the girl’s mother registered the complaint on the Pakistani Citizens Portal under the Prime Minister’s Delivery Department (PMDU).

The mother stated in the complaint that her daughter was beaten in Okara and the investigator of the incident asked her to bribe to initiate an investigation into the incident.

The Prime Minister ordered immediate legal action against the perpetrators, emphasized a transparent investigation of the matter, and instructed the Prime Minister’s Office to keep abreast of the investigation.

After reports that investigators asked her mother to pay bribes, PMDU, under the direction of the Prime Minister, asked the District Police (DPO) Okara to take immediate action.

DPO suspended the investigator’s duties after receiving PMDU’s order.

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