Will accept Supreme Court's verdict, says Imran Khan

PM Imran expresses confidence in PML-Q leadership


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan on Monday expressed his confidence in Union Water Resources Minister Munis Elahi and the rest of the Chowdhury family.

He was speaking at the International Symposium on Hydropower Development in Islamabad.

Replying to Moonis Elahi’s comment in which he said that Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) will respect its alliance with government, therefore, Pakistan Tehreeke-e-Insaf (PTI) leaders should not worry”, the PM said that he himself has trained PTI minister so they will stand firm on the party’s stance.

Moonis Elahi is performing his duties like ‘Jihad’ and I really appreciate him, the PM stated.

He said that Pakistan is facing grave issues because the previous governments did not focus on constructing dams in the country. The electricity prices would not have increased if we had made dams in the past. Hike in electricity prices causes rise in commodity prices, he continued to say.

PM said that China has around five thousand major dams whereas Pakistan has only two.

The 10 dams being constructed by the government will double the country’s storage capacity to irrigate more land and help reduce the impact of climate change, he added.

The Prime Minister expressed satisfaction with his government’s decision to build ten dams within a decade while pursuing a forward-looking approach.

He said given our population increase, we have to clear more land in areas like D.I.Khan, Balochistan and Thar, which can be done by having water. He said Pakistan could become an exporter of wheat and cotton by irrigating more land.

However, he said, the people of Sindh have reservations about the project, and without persuading them, work on the project cannot start. He said as a federation we have to take all the provinces.

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