Plane crash: Investigation team returns from France with FDR, CVR analyzing report

Plane crash: Investigation team returns from France with FDR, CVR analyzing report


Islamabad: The Pakistani team investigating the crash of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane that occurred in Karachi, Pakistan on May 22 has returned from France on Sunday.

A team led by Air Force Brigadier General Usman Ghani arrived in Islamabad on PIA PK-8734. They brought important evidence and all other records, including evidence collected from Decoded Flight Data Recorder (FDR) and Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) of Destiny Aircraft.

Earlier, Airbus released preliminary information about the crash of the PIA aircraft in an ongoing investigation. Airbus management informed the Pakistani government agencies of the preliminary information. Airbus officials said they had obtained important information from the crashed PIA aircraft’s flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder.

The Chief Product Safety Officer of Airbus wrote a letter to PIA and other Airbus aircraft users, stating that an investigation into the crash of the PIA aircraft was under way, and the analysis of the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder revealed important information, which will Further help the investigation.

The Airbus letter stated that Airbus was analyzing the evidence based on the evidence from Bourget’s laboratory.

The letter said that representatives of the Pakistan Aircraft Accident Investigation Committee also participated in the investigation and fully cooperated with the investigation team, but Airbus did not have any specific safety recommendations for the operator at this stage of the investigation.

As we all know, on Friday, a PIA plane crashed in Karachi, killing nearly 100 people on board, at least 97 people were killed and dozens were injured.

The PIA aircraft nearly landed when it fell between houses, causing an explosion and killing several people on the ground.

National Airlines flight PK-8303 took off from the Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore and crashed in the Model Colony area of ​​Mariel, about 4 kilometers from the airport.

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