Petrol shortage continues despite PM notice

Petrol shortage continues despite PM notice


Lahore: People say that even though the Prime Minister noticed this situation, the situation regarding the shortage of gasoline remained unchanged.

The country has always faced a shortage of gasoline, and nowhere to be found in the pumps of private oil sales companies. However, PSO pumps can use gasoline, but people have to wait in long lines to buy gasoline.

According to detailed information, gasoline is scarce, and people have to walk most of them due to lack of gasoline. They expressed dissatisfaction and said that when gasoline is expensive, there is no shortage of people, but since the price of gasoline has fallen, gasoline has become scarce.

Most of the gasoline pumps in Karachi are still turned on, but ordinary grade gasoline is not available, and citizens are forced to buy expensive high-octane fuel. People in Peshawar are still wandering in search of gasoline, and there are long queues at government-run gas stations.

Citizens demanded the cancellation of permits involving gas stations and companies that caused man-made shortages.

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) and the Ministry of Oil caused this crisis. When DG Oil hinted that gasoline prices were rising, these companies showed their courage.

On April 6, the Ministry of Petroleum sent a letter to OGRA and admitted that the oil company had no inventory. On Monday, PSO revealed that the company’s inventory did not exceed three days due to the possibility of falling oil prices.

In a letter to OGRA on June 1, DG Oil expressed concern that the price of petroleum products might rise from July 1. The company may cut its oil supply to make a profit. After the news came out, there was a shortage of gasoline.

On June 3, OGRA wrote another letter to the Minister of Petroleum informing him that there was a shortage of oil in several areas, but the situation has reversed. On June 4, the country’s oil reserves were declared satisfactory, but people still cannot find gasoline at gas stations.

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