IHC directs police to return Sheikh Rashid's seized vehicles

Peshawar blast a conspiracy to destabilize Pakistan: Interior Minister


Peshawar: Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, noting a deadly suicide bombing in a mosque in Peshawar, has sought a report from the chief secretary and inspector general of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police station.

In a tweet, the interior minister strongly condemned the terrorist attack and expressed his grief at the loss of innocent lives.

“I saw a man firing at two policemen before he entered the mosque. Seconds later I heard a big bang,” witness Zahid Khan told AFP.

The explosion blew out the windows of nearby buildings, and frantic rescuers were seen ferrying the dead and wounded from the scene.

Muhammad Asim Khan, a spokesman for Peshawar’s Lady Reading Hospital, confirmed the death toll of 30 and said hospitals have declared an emergency.

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