People should blame US for 'crimes and pressure' against Iran, says Rouhani

People should blame US for ‘crimes and pressure’ against Iran, says Rouhani


Tehran: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani condemned the United States on Saturday, saying that people should blame Washington for the “crime and pressure” facing Washington because the wave of US sanctions has affected the troubled economy.

“They prevented the purchase of medicines and food by imposing unjust, illegal, and inhuman sanctions,” Rouhani said in a televised address.

In May 2018, US President Donald Trump withdrew from a landmark deal that gave Iran relief from sanctions in return for UN-verified guarantees that it is not seeking nuclear weapons.

Since breaking the agreement, the United States has imposed a series of sanctions on Iran, weakening its economy.

Although in theory, humanitarian supplies such as medicines are exempt from US sanctions, many companies worry about violating regulations and avoiding transactions with Tehran.

“The correct address for all crimes and pressure against the dear Iranian people is Washington DC, the White House,” Rouhani added.

He reserved special criticism for Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State.

Rouhani called him “a gentleman who presents himself as the Minister of Foreign Affairs but who is (in reality) the Minister of Crimes.”

Washington’s partners in the UN Security Council refused to re-impose sanctions and said that since the withdrawal of the agreement, the US actions are legally unfounded.

In a letter dated September 23 and made public Saturday by the UN, US Ambassador Kelly Craft called on the secretariat to “take the steps necessary to re-establish the Committee established pursuant to Resolution 1737 (2006) and its Panel of Experts” to monitor compliance with international sanctions.

Tehran and Washington, long-term enemies, have maintained diplomatic relations for more than forty years.

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